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Soon Seng Huat (SSH) was established as a sole proprietorship on 11 June 1956 by our late founding Chairman, Mr. Teo Eng Teng, and late Senior Director Mdm. Ng Soo Lan.


SSH dealt in the mercantile business delivering both imported & locally produced confections to retailers all over the island of Singapore. As our range of products grew over the years, members of the second generation were roped in to take over in the rapidly expanding business.


On 20 December, 1983, Soon Seng Huat (Singapore) Private Limited was incorporated as a company.
Today, SSH prides itself on maintaining sound business relationships with partners from various countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Hong Kong, China, India, Japan, Taiwan, Europe and the USA.


We have grown to become an importer/exporter, manufacturer representative, and distributor for a large variety of food and confections.

Our wide range of products include perennial favourites, like chocolates, candies, ice cream, biscuits, and preserved fruits; household staples such as canned, chilled and frozen food and groceries; specialty foodstuff like Japanese food, Japanese eggs, Japanese rice, USA rice, liquor, plum wine, liqueurs; premium baby food, baby formula milk powder, and also non-food products such as toiletries.

Our clients run the gamut, from major departmental stores, specialty food shops, and supermarkets, to mini-markets, convenience stores, hotels and restaurants. We also export our products to our neighbouring countries.

SSH believes in maintaining close-knit and mutually beneficially relations with our customers. We have a sales office in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, to supply and coordinate with the various retailers who carry our merchandise in their outlets.
With the fast-paced development of the 21st Century, our environment, lifestyle, eating habits and tastes are all rapidly changing. Our aim is to work closely with our partners and customers to understand and help to fulfill their evolving requirements.

In doing so, SSH strives to uphold our vision to always continue sourcing for the best products to expand our inventory, so as to achieve our mission to provide complete satisfaction and the best value for our partners and customers.

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